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Most of your questions should be answered by information on the various pages on this site, but should you have any specific questions please email us and we will endeavour to answer them promptly. In the meantime we are developing this page with customers’ questions and providing some useful research and statistical information that demonstrates the continuing growth of the online marketplace, which we can help you get a share of using wwwebshop.


Why don’t you just charge a fixed fee per month? 

We only charge commission because we know that most people prefer to pay on a per sale basis. You CAN have a monthly fee as well as a lower commission rate (50% of commission-only rate) after operating for one full year. Obviously if you sell more this might be attractive.


How long do I have to stay with wwwebshop?

Because this is effectively a free service with no ongoing service or management costs you are at liberty to use the service without restrictions, subject to our standard terms and conditions. Should you decide to stop using the service, you will need to give two calendar months notice of your intetnion to leave so that the necessary administration processes can be undertaken and any outstanding transactions completed.


What if I want to have a second wwwebshop?

No problem - we’ll offer you even better commission rates for your second shop if it's in a different market sector.


What can’t I sell from my wwwebshop?

You can’t sell anything that is deemed to be illegal by the laws covering the United Kingdom to anyone using the service anywhere in the world. Other than this fundamental stipulation, almost anything can be sold as long as it is described accurately. Anything that does not comply with these terms will be removed at the earliest opportunity and the owner of the shop will be deemed to be in breach of their contract and suspended from using the site until any issues have been addressed and resolved to the satisfaction of the owners of

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What we do to make it easy for you

We’re not here to sell you a website because many small and medium businesses don’t NEED one or probably already have one. What you probably would benefit from is an easy way to sell products online; we’d all like that, right? Well, we’ve made it as simple as possible. wwwebshop is a sales platform that you can bolt-on to your website or operate as a stand-alone online shop. You won’t need to learn any special coding and there’s no ongoing cost - you only pay when you sell. The income from sales comes directly into your bank on a monthly basis.


The wwwebshop model simply puts your products ‘out there’ and gives you the ability to continue to run your business whilst developing the skills to run an online version that is cost-free until you sell products. We provide the technology, you provide the products and together we promote them to an audience much larger than your current customer base.


How does it work? 

We provide you with a spreadsheet into which you enter your product information (there’s a quick guide HERE) and once you’ve done that we upload the information, optimise it for searchability and promote the wwwebshop marketplace to the online community. If you don’t have the facilities to populate the spreadsheet yourself (and don’t have a young member of the family to help) we can do this for a small charge. 


If you prefer, we can provide a complete service in which we take information from you and add it to your wwwebshop on a regular basis, building up your stock over an agreed period of time. Again, the more you do yourself, the lower the cost.


We’ll provide you with a range of promotion materials to help you raise awareness of your online stock (it doesn’t have to be the same as your offline stock) and show you how to use social media to spread the word. A Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram account would be important. Again we can help you learn the ropes if you haven’t used these before.


So, other than a one-off set up charge to initially stock your wwwebshop, (as little as £150), the only cost comes when you actually sell products. You’ll need to factor in a commission of 10 - 15% to ensure you earn what you want from your online sales and the cost of packing and posting the goods to the buyer - people are used to this being an additional cost. 

  Online Sales chart

Facts and figures

Those small businesses who have been online for more than two years report an average of £16,500 increased income compared with similar businesses with no online presence. Don’t need the extra income? Happy with what you’re getting? Hold it right there: If things continue to grow as they are you’ll be needing replacement income just to keep you at the levels you’re currently at as you lose business to online competitors - and, unless you have a very specialised product or service, you WILL!

The imperative to have an online presence has passed the tipping point such that as of 2016 over 53% of SMEs: small businesses (employing fewer than 9 people) have an online presence - usually in the form of a website. Numbers have continued to increase over the past three years.

WHY is this important?

Because, even though some have only been online for a short time, over 40% of these report increased business as a result. The so-called ‘Digital Divide’ between those who are active online and those who aren’t has reached the point where those who aren’t ARE falling behind those who are.


Your potential customers are using the web.                  

90% of households now have reliable internet access. Read that again - 90%!

Consumers now search online before purchasing to find out what the price is, whether it’s in stock and even if you’re open or able to deliver. If they can’t find you, they will go elsewhere.

In 2016 77% of adults purchased goods or services online and this number is still growing.  See for latest research

 Rising Growth of Online Sales

Got enough business already?  Too small?  Don’t need to be online?  Too expensive?  Too difficult?

All of these are common reasons for doing nothing, but even if you currently have enough business your customers WILL eventually find a better offer via the web and WILL expect you to improve your service to THEM. The days of waiting for new business to walk through the door are over. Our expertise will help you develop the necessary skills to make the most of your online presence.


How can you maximise the opportunity?

Select the kind of products that are easy to buy, that require as little debate about size and variety as possible and can be packaged and delivered safely and efficiently. Avoid items that require too much customisation or personalisation - unless you are creating and supplying original craft or artwork.

If you can sell products repeatedly to the same customers, it is important to develop loyalty through offers and vouchers, even personalising promotions where possible.


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