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How It Works

Designed to make it easy for you and your customers

Simply, your wwwebshop puts your products ‘out there’ on the web in a shop format with an easy-to-follow purchasing process that anyone can use. You don’t need to know anything about software, programming or web technology - we believe there is no easier or lower cost way to sell a range of products online under your own brand.

To start, there are a few items you need to provide to us so that we can do our thing; as we develop your shop we’ll check with you that everything is as you require and when you’re happy, we’re off and running. So here’s where we begin...

Online sales are most often predicated on two key factors: visual appeal and price. So, to get things started, we’ll be asking for a library of images of your products - you can use up to 3 of each item (and add more later if required) and a database of products, ideally in digital format (excel spreadsheet, cvs, etc). We cannot stress enough the importance of your photographs - they must be clear, bright and high resolution ideally 300dpi - we’ll give you more details when you come onboard. 

As for text information, we can provide you with a spreadsheet into which you enter your product information and once you’ve done that we can upload the information, optimise it for searchability and promote the wwwebshop marketplace to the online community. If you don’t have the facilities to populate the spreadsheet yourself (and don’t have a member of the business or family who can help) we can do the work for a small charge. We can help with all of the elements you need.


In brief, you need to supply:

∆  Photographs (up to 3 of each product) in jpg or png format.wwwebshop e-commerce graphic

named in an easy-to-follow format - e.g. Widget-green-large-1.jpg or Ring_ruby_whitegold1.png

∆  Details of all the products - Name, description, brief details, sizes, colours, options, etc

∆  Retail Price and Offer Price (for special offers, sales, etc)    

∆  Company logo, any advertising material (for up to 3 slider banners)

∆  Any other material: e.g. images, buttons from your website, a business description, list of keywords, additional product information, terms and conditions, etc. 

We'll do the rest...


Visual Guide

There’s a relatively straightforward visual guide to what’s involved HERE (which opens in a separate window) with a few pointers about the system and the benefits of keeping things simple.


Whatever you want...

If you prefer to have a bespoke site, we can provide a complete service in which we take product information from you and add it to your wwwebshop on a regular basis, building up your stock over an agreed period of time. We will also ask you for key words and a description of your business so that we can add behind-the-scenes ‘meta data’ to help search engines deliver your site to people searching for the products you sell. We can help with this too but, the more you do yourself, the lower the cost. 

We’ll also help you with a range of promotion materials to help you raise awareness of your online stock (it doesn’t have to be the same as your offline stock) and we’ll show you how to use social media to spread the word. A Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account would, of course, be useful. Again, we can help you learn the ropes if you haven’t used these before.

So, other than a one-off set up charge to initially stock your wwwebshop - from just £150 (and any domain name registration you may require), the only cost comes when you actually sell products. You’ll need to factor in a commission of 10 - 20% to your online sales which should be inline with your in-store prices, as well as the cost of packing and posting the goods to the customer which people are used to being an additional cost. 

There are numerous opportunities to customise your wwwebshop at additional cost but other than a few tweaks here and there, we have learnt from experience that simple is effective and will advise you accordingly.

Remember too, that online sales should reduce your reliance on footfall to your store and widen your audience worldwide, bringing new customers who you may never meet, but who will come back for more if you serve them well.



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