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What kind of products can I sell on the web?

The simple answer is 'anything' but of course some things sell more easily and readily than others and some are more difficult to sell because of delivery issues, so there are several elements to consider. Ultimately, if your products can be delivered to customers across the globe cost effectively then having an online sales facility is a 'no-brainer'. HOW you choose to access this potetntially lucrative market is the more important decison. Not convinced that online selling is for you? Read on...


Facts and figures

Those small businesses who have been online for more than two years report an average of £16,500 increased income compared with similar businesses with no online presence. Don’t need the extra income? Happy with what you’re getting? Hold it right there: If web sales continue to grow as they are you’ll be needing replacement income just to keep you at the levels you’re currently at as you lose business to online competitors - and you WILL! Just witness the big names on the High Street being forced to re-evaluate how they do business. They know what’s happening and you can learn from their costly errors - believing they are too big to fail, that it wouldn't happen to them. It does and it can!

The imperative to have an online presence has passed the tipping point such that as of 2016 over 53% of SMEs: small businesses (employing fewer than 9 people) have an online presence - usually in the form of a website. This figure is continuing to rise - currently over 65% in early 2018.


WHY is this important?

Because, even though some have only been online for a short time, over 40% of these report increased business as a result. The so-called ‘Digital Divide’ between those who are and those who aren’t online has reached the point where those not online ARE falling behind those who are. Of those already online only a small percentage are actually SELLING online (most commonly using markets like Ebay) but those who already have their own online sales facilities report significant sales growth as a result. Investing in the future sustainability and profitability of your business means investing in it as soon as possible. Waiting is not an option and with such a low entry cost using wwwebshop there is little point in delaying any longer.  


Your potential customers are already using the web    Selecteing products online

90% of UK households now have internet access. Read that again - 90%! Around the world this figure is growing by the day, so your business can be accessed by increasing numbers of people. 

Consumers now search online before purchasing to find out what the typical price is, whether it’s in stock and even if you’re open or able to deliver in time. If they can’t find you, they buy elsewhere.

In 2016 77% of adults purchased goods or services online, quickly, safely and securely!

Nothing Comes From Doing Nothing

Got enough business already?  Too small?  Don’t need to be online? Too expensive? Too difficult?

All common reasons for doing nothing, but even if you currently have enough business your customers WILL eventually find a better offer via the web and WILL expect you to improve your service to them. The days of waiting for new business to walk through the door are over. We can help you take the right steps towards making sure you get your share of online business - and remember; online customers are all over the world. They’re searching for what you might sell! Why shouldn't you get their business, rather than someone else?


How can you maximise the opportunity?            Making notes to learn as you go

Select the most popular items in your product range 

Use considered terminology to encourage visitors to purchase

Develop loyalty through offers and vouchers, even personalising them

Promote your products and online shop using Social Media and print media

Develop your range based on results - ditch the items that don’t sell - add new ones that data shows will sell.


The opportunity to grow your business and effectively 'Sell in your sleep' by using the web has reached a point where the choice not to do so will mean a reduction in income as more and more people choose to buy online and not visit stores like they used to - they've got better things to do! They want to buy from you online.

The latest research of the retail sector makes difficult reading for shop owners and a convincing argument for those moving online. Take a look for yourself (at: and see how the world of retail is changing. Wwwebshop is here to help you make the most of the opportunities to get your share of this rapidly growing market.


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